Become an Exhibitor at the Annual Conference

Washington State Public Health Association’s Annual Conference attracts over 600 public health and health care professionals from across the state for two days of learning and networking. The conference provides an interactive venue for the public health community to share, learn, and discover new and emerging opportunities on the state’s horizon to better engage our communities and partner with them more effectively.

As the largest interdisciplinary public health conference in Washington, this event offers you exposure to the broad community of individuals and organizations working to improve the public’s health and safety. As an exhibitor, you will:

  • Meet key decision makers, including administrators, managers, and leaders from state and local public health organizations;
  • Demonstrate your support of the public health community and your commitment to improving the public’s health; and
  • Connect with an audience that shares your interest in promoting public health

Our diverse audience includes: all levels of staff and management; and all types of organizations, including state, federal, and local government, nonprofits, colleges and universities, health care systems, and the private sector.

This year we are offering a discounted rated for exhibitors who are WSPHA Organizational Members. If you are interested in membership, please see here


 Exhibitor Application